Family Portrait Sessions

Though I started my career in photography taking cute portraits of kids, I found what made my heart sing were photographs of families being themselves. The connections between parent and child or among siblings motivates me to offer family portrait sessions. I understand everyone needs a "photo for the card or for grandma" but I love giving people those photos that show connections to those they love. 


Senior Portriats

On the cusp of adulthood, high school seniors mark an important transition by setting aside some time to take photos that capture who they are at this moment. I like working with students to design a senior portrait sessions tailored to them, from simple headshots for the yearbook to a full expression of each side of their personality I am happy to create a session that your proud of (and maybe a shot or two for mom!). 

IMG_7907 (1).jpg

School Photography

Photography plays an important role in building connections between your school and current and potential families. Schools hire me to showcase their students and staff. I can help you update your photography for your website, shoot photos for school publications or create a file of images that you can use for school marketing and social media. Additionally, I reserve a limited number of days in fall to take student portraits.